Shree Ram Sea Swimming Club, Porbandar

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About Club

Shree Ram Sea Swimming Club

Shree ram sea swimming club is a group of swimmers at PORBANDAR. The swimming club was established in the year 2001 and formally registered in year 2009. The club membership is irrespective of cast, creed, religion and social status. At present, our members ranging from 8 to 80 years of age , are good swimmers, practicing all 365 days a year, even in rough sea during monsoon.. The group has about 150 members including 20 ladies. We have earned name in the sea swimming through out the state.

Aims and objectives:

The aims of “Shree ram sea swimming club” are

• To promote spirit of adventure, patriotism and brotherhood among youth.
• To popularize sea swimming and other adventurous sports in the area.
• To spread fitness awareness in the adult population.
• To support and encourage activities, related to environment protection.
• To support state youth cultural and sports activities in Porbandar.
• To organize fitness programs for the citizens and youths.
• To support authorities in organizing activities related to youth.
• To organize cycling and tracking activities, regularly.
• To assist govt. agencies in case of disaster.


• Since its inception, “Shree ram sea swimming club” organize short and long distance (upto 10 km.) swimming competition. We organize well planned competition for past 14 years.
• We also organize “COACHING CAMP” for sea swimming, every year.
• On Independence Day and republic day, we arrange flag hoisting program in deep sea.
• We arrange trekking and mountaineering programs for members.
• Actively participate with the Government Agencies during natural disaster.
• We participate in Beach cleaning and environment protection programs.

Our Supporters:

We are grateful to receive various types of help from different agencies and personals. Technical and rescue support:
• Indian Navy - Porbandar
• Indian Coast Guards Guard - Porbandar
• Nagar Seva Sadan - Porbandar
• Kharva Samaj - Porbandar

We are grateful to have technical supports from following officers.

• Mr. Virendra Nanavati, Member, technical committee FINA, vice president Asian Swimming federation
• Mr. Kamlesh Nanavati, Secretary, swimming federation of india
• Mr. Bankim Joshi, Technical official, Swimming federation of India.


• State Bank of India
• Saurashtra Chemicals
• Saurashtra cements
• Porbandar Commercial co-operative bank
• Velji P. and Sons.
• Uco bank
• Sh. Bharatbhai Thakrar… and others.

Star Participants of Swimming competitions:

Maana Patel:

The upcoming teenage sensation Maana Patel of Gujarat, in the field of swimming, started her competitive career from our club. She participated in the swimming competition, held in the year 2009. Now, she is breaking NATIONAL RECORDS of senior category.

Pooja chaurasiya:

She was a participant of triathlon competition, held in 2006. She has earned name in the field now.

Our legacy... Past Presidents

Sh. Harshit A. Rughani
civil engineer and developer.

Contribution to the club: The founding chairman of the club. He founded shree ram sea swimming club with a small no. of swimmers in 2001 and now more than 250 members are there. Instrumental in establishing Porbandar Cycle Club. Initiated marathon run in Porbandar. Takes care of liasionong with various individuals and organizations for the financial contributions for the club activities. He himself is long distance swimmer, cyclist and runner.he is instrumental in taking the sea swimming compe

Dr. Manilal Rajyaguru
Doctor (M.B.B.S.) Served as R.M.O. in Bhavsinhji Civil Hospital, Porbandar

Hobbies: Passionate about running, sea swimming and trekking Contribution to the club: He is known as BAPUJI, i.e. father of Shree Ram Sea Swimming Club. He has motivated many youngsters to do running and swimming, even advised his patients to take up physical exercise to cure instead of taking medicines. Till at the age of 81 years does jogging and swimming regularly. The roll model of the club.

Sh. Gordhanbhai S. Shingadiya
Govt. servant, worked with Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation as senior officer.

Hobbies: Travelling, sea swimming and trekking Contribution to the club: He was mainly instrumental in promoting health awareness through sea swimming in the elderly people. He was responsible to bring many old people to join the club for sea swimming.

Late Sh. Maheshbhai D. Vaishnav
worked as the drawing office incharge at Saurashtra Chemicals, Porbandar

Hobbies: Reading, sea swimming, archeology and trekking. Contribution to the club: He was responsible in regularizing all the activities of the club in a disciplined manner. He was instrumental in establishing high ethical standards in the club.

Sh. Kanjibhai N. Jungi
industrialist and fish exporter.

Hobbies: Reading, cycling, sea swimming, kayaking and trekking. Contribution to the club: He was keen to promote different type of sports in the club in the youth. He promoted triathlon and kayaking in the club.

Sh. Mahendrabhai T. Surelia
Hobbies: Athlatics, cycling, sea swimming, badminton and trekking.

Contribution to the club: He is incharge of all the equipments and machineries of the club. He worked very hard to make the swimming competition safe in all respects by coordinating with local fisherman and govt. departments. He is instrumental in promoting competitive sports in the elderly people. He himself has won many medals in the masters athletics and senior citizen championships.

Late Sh. Rameshbhai Kotia
Fire brigade superintendent in Porbandar Municipality.

Hobbies: sea swimming, cycling and trekking. Contribution to the club: He was a good swimmer and could swim in rough weather also. He was instrumental in suggesting rescue operation during the sea swimming competition. He was expert in life saving techniques.

Sh. Deepak N. Unadkat
civil engineer and Principal, Govt. Polytechnic Porbandar, Junagadh. Served Technical education department for 30 years.

Hobbies: reading, sea swimming, cycling and trekking. Contribution to the club: He is father of legendary cricketer Jaydev Unadkat. He has been mentor of the club for past many years. His contribution to the technical parameters is making sea swimming competition come to the international standards. In charge of online registration process and website management.

Sh. Harishbhai Paun
dealing in electronics appliances.

Hobbies: sea swimming, cycling and trekking. Contribution to the club: By his hard work and coordination with all the members has been able to successfully add event of Half Marathon in the club activity. He has been able in keeping the club very cohesive and vibrant by is networking with members.